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Committed to the immediacy of the relationship between the actor and the audience…

Bedlam creates works of theatre that reinvigorate traditional forms in a flexible, raw space, collapsing aesthetic distance and bringing its viewers into direct contact with the dangers and delicacies of life.

In this new, fresh, active environment storytelling becomes paramount and the result is a kinetic experience of shared empathy.

Your contribution helps to fund current and future productions, as well as further our FREE Veterans Outreach programming. Bedlam is a registered 501(c)(3) nonprofit organization. All donations are tax deductible.

For more information contact: Susannah Millonzi at

Aundria Brown as Joan in Bedlam's "Saint Joan" at Folger Shakespeare Theatre, 2018. Photo credit: Teresa Wood.
Actors wearing Georgian costumes in a scene
Katie Hartke and the cast of "Sense & Sensibility" at A.R.T Cambridge, MA 2017/18. Photo: Ashley Garrett.

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Bedlam is committed to eliminating financial obstacles that prevent people from enjoying innovative, live productions. Bedlam’s ACCESS TICKET INITIATIVE provides FREE theatre tickets at every Bedlam performance.


BEDLAM is supported, almost entirely, by the generosity of its individual contributors.

We’d like to thank all our donors for their support!

BEDLAM has also been a participant of Blue Star Theatres, a program of Blue Star Families and Theatre Communications Group, the national organization for the professional not-for-profit American Theatre, with leadership support from the MetLife Foundation.

Bedlam’s programs are also made possible by the New York State Council on the Arts with the support of Governor Andrew M. Cuomo and the New York State Legislature and are supported, in part, by public funds from the New York City Department of Cultural Affairs in partnership with the City Council.

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Bedlam would also like to thank the following CONTRIBUTORS for their support over the past year:


Alan Jones & Ashley Garrett, Howard Gilman Foundation, The New York Community Trust, Sarah Hancock, Charles & Karen Schader.

ANGEL $12,000–$24,999

Amy Greer & Mark Murphy, Diane Compagno Miller, The NYC Deptartment of Cultural Affairs, Emily Rechnitz, The Robert I. Goldman Foundation, The Shubert Foundation.

BENEFACTOR $6,000–$11,999

Melissa Hirsch, Tonya Scott & Isaac Koyfman, Michael & Gabrielle Palitz, Claudia Perles, The SHS Foundation, Meg & John Stanback.

PATRON $3,000–$5,999

Anonymous, Scott & Roxanne Bok, Celeste Rault, George Reed, Bernice Shoenbaum.

SUPPORTER $1,250–$2,999

Anonymous, Frederic Marx & Deborah Benson, Neil & Kathleen Chrisman, Judith Ferber, Ken & Caryl Field, Arthur Grayzel & Claire Lieberwitz, Hank & Kathrin Midgley, Joel & Kathleen Millonzi, The Richenthal Foundation, Howard & Sarah Solomon, Elizabeth Frankel & Charlie Steinhorn, Janet Tiampo, Julie Daugherty & Angus Vail.

CONTRIBUTOR $600–$1,249

American Theatre Wing Inc., Irwyn & Lucy Applebaum, Adam Buchsbaum & Mary F. Fernandez, David DesJardins, Barbara G. Fleischman, Stephanie Gittleman, James & Susan Goodfellow, Peter & Lauren Lese, David Lieberman, Susan McGeary, Craig Moody, David & Leni Moore, Robert Oldshue, Tom Phillips, James Simon, Mary McFadden & Lawrence Stifler, Irving & Elaine Wolbrom.

DONOR $300–$599

Dan & Mary Abbruzzese, Lisa Blake, Louis Bullock, Nina Cohen & Craig Barrows, Ellen Cohn, Charlotte Colavin, Elizabeth Cornwall, Dena Davis, Christina Dellaventura, Kendra Din, Terence Eagleton, Susan & Charles Avery Fisher, Janna Gjesdal, Katharine Goodland, Roger & Naomi Gordon, Joseph Gubbay, Margaret Howard, Laura LeGant, Al & Karin Lemke, David Lerner & Lorren Erstad, Ellen Levy & Gregg Horowitz, Elizabeth Maher, Thomas & Cynthia Mooney, Philip & Mary Opphenheimer, Andrew & Danielle Pfister, Laurie S. Pollock, Stephen Rosenheck & Virginia I. Goldner, Martha E. Sieniewicz, Ann-Judith Silverman, Wendy Snyder, Christopher & Roberta Tunnard, Lee & Cynthia King Vance, Jean Walsh.

FRIEND $100–$299

Anonymous, Ellen S. Agress, Stanley Baumblatt, Darly Bernardo, Robert Berry, David Birnbaum, Jo Burnstein, Ruth Anna Carlson & Albert Leonetti, Katarzyna Ciesielski, Patty Clark, Ellen Cohn, Mary Collins, Mary Davis, Martin Deck, Bruce Doenecke, Lauren Duff, John Eliason, Penelope Foley, Michael Folie, Barbara Futter, Sandra Galejs, Joyce Gordon & Paul Lubetkin, Kelly Harris, Rita Houlihan, Stephen Hubbell, B. Buss & Oliver Jakob, Susan Jones, Paul F. Jones, Maira Kalman, Thomas Kiely, Ralph Kleinman, Barbara & Gary Krenz, Mariya Kurchuk, Jo Hanna Kurth, Raymond & Yong Kwok, Carol & Ted Levy, Karen Lewis, Patricia Lewis, Richard Lieberman, Irina Lvovsky, William & Jane Macan, Susan Maceachron & Michael Halloron, Deborah McKneally, Mary Rose Meade, Gregory Miller, Abigail Miller, Gerald & Linda Monchik, Joe Norton, Terrence O’Brien, Martha B.W. & Richard E. Olson, Zeidee Pineda, Michael Pollock, Mary Popovich, Andrew Rannells, Ann Reynolds, Dana Ricci & Matthew D. Davis, Connie Rockman, Lysa Rohan, Jeff Rose, Carol Rosenthal & Frank Schneier, Xavier Salomon, Nancy Sands, Michael Schwartz & Helen Golding, Kate Schwartz, Consuelo Sherba, David Singer & Sarilee Kahn, Mary Singh, Leonard Steinbach, Gwynne Stoddart, Stephen Strager, Philip Lehl & Kim Tobin-Lehl, D. Tucker-Smith, Alice Tufel, Cora Turlish, Amelia Ulrick, Mitchell Elkind & Rachel Vail, Mary Ann Wall, Robert Walter, Mary Wasmuth, Gail & Ranan Wichler, Ann Winton, Abbeline Wyman, Akiko Yanagiya, Zhiyi Zhang.


Anonymous, Rena Abeles, Dorothea Anastasio, Monica Anderson, Victoria Anderson, Monica Anderson, Anna Apostolopoulu, Richard Armitage, Frank Avellino, Colin Bailey, Susan Ball, Frank C. Bancroft, Richard Barber & Ann Schaetzel, Judy Bard, Holly Beaverstock, Karen Beckwith, Angela Beeching, Zahra A. Belyea, Sara Berman, Gavin Black, Samantha Black, Danice Bordett, Austin Brecht, Janet Breger, Mary Bruch, Allison Buddenhagen, Ana Cristina Buffington, Liene Camarena Fogele, Muriel Capper, Carolyn Carter, Remi Chian, Everitt Clark, Anne Clark, Anne Cohen, Laura Cohen, David Connolly, Barbara Costa, Stephanie Cowell, Daniel & Audrey Crane-Hirsch, Javier Crespo, Grace Curley, Edward Damato, Sanja Danilovic, Laura DeGraff, Laurie Devino, Les & Gail Dickert, Mary Dill, Cynthia Dillon, John Dlugolecki, Richard Dougherty, Patrick Dunning, Wendy Earl, Arthur & Arlene Elkind, Ariel Estrada, John Fabiani, Lucy Fellowes, Carol Fischer, Tracy Fisher, Marcia Flicker, Jane Frazier, Cynthia Fuhrman, Rosemarie Gates, Molly Gazay, William Germano, Sonia Gluckman, Kate H. Godfrey, Marilyn Goldstein, Nancy Goodman, David Gordon, Mary Gordon, Marilyn Gunner, Jim Haber, Sarah Hancock, Judith Harrow, Amy Hayes, Angela U. Huff, Frederick Jackes, Carollyn Jackson, Joan Jankell, Sarah Rose Kearns, Ellen Kelly-LInd, Vivian Kenvin, Mona Kreden, Leslie Kreithen, Dina Labkovsky, Judith Landon, Mary Lannon, Cynthia Latham, Sandra Laub, Nancy le Coutre, Sarah Leaf-Hermann, Bridget Leicester, Carol Leister, Judith Levine, Mark Levy, Michael Lewin, Mary Lewis, Jane A. Little & Thomas Heard Hostetter, Emily C. Lloyd, Margaret Lo, Kate Lohman, Laura Lubin, Linda Ludewig, Linda Lukas, Claudia MacDermott, Elizabeth Manners, Carolyn Marano, Nancy Marshall, Mary Pat Martin, Susan Martin, Christine McBurney, Jen McCreery, Ashley McGhee, Timothy McKenna, Miriam McLeod, Christia Mercer, Susan Moore, Eve Moser, Robert Moulthrop, Martha Nochimson, Stephanie Orr, Sheila Paige, Somie Pak, David Palmer, Kristen Peck, Teresa Petersen, Paul Pillitteri, Melinda Pinto, Andrea Pokladowski, Jyll Portnoy, Aimee Brown Price, Ryan Quinn & Katie Hartke, Julia Read, Molly Reed, Scott & Kay Reichlin, Mary Reilly, Sandye Renz, Gloria Rohmann, Barbara Rose, Anne Sandoe, Marie Sassi, Mark Schoenfield, Patricia Schrope, Adina Schwarta, Robert Sebastiano, Therese Schechter, Allyn Shepard, Gabby Sherba, Norm Sloan, Pamela Smith & Michael Matthews, Pamela Smith, Jennifer Smithson, Peter Stass, Dena M. Steele, Abi Steinberg, Cecile Stewart, Olivia Stogner, Laurie Stone, Anne Strassner, Patricia C. Towers, Major Travers, Ana Valle, Eileen Vining, Jessica Wallenfels, Asadie Walters, Brad Ward, Erika Weinthal, Wen Wen, Katherine Wessling, Laurie White, Susan Whitlock & Dr. Earl Lewis, Margaret Willens, Michael & Amy Williams, Avra Wing, Cynthia Yang, Perri Yaniv, Laura Zadunaisky, Alan Zucker, Richard Zuckerman.

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List is current from January 1, 2020 – December 31, 2020. We apologize for any inaccuracies. To learn more about donating to Bedlam, or to advise of any needed corrections, please contact Susannah Millonzi, Director of Development, at