“It’s funny – it’s comedy, isn’t it? This curse of mine – everything I touch turns ugly and absurd!” –Henrik Ibsen, Hedda Gabler
photo by Ashley Garrett

Hedda Gabler

October 5-November 20, 2022

The Irondale Center
85 South Oxford Street, Brooklyn NY
Written by Henrik Ibsen
Adapted by Jon Robin Baitz
Directed by Eric Tucker

Hedda Gabler centers Henrik Ibsen’s most fascinating and mysterious anti-heroine: the newlywed Hedda, trapped by society in a life she can’t endure. To escape her boredom, Hedda sabotages her husband’s rival, an unstable genius who loves her, but every action she takes makes her escape more impossible. Ibsen’s enduring masterpiece is given vivid new life in this adaptation by Jon Robin Baitz.


Hedda Gabler was directed by Eric Tucker and assistant directed by Aïssa Guindo.

The repertory cast included Karen Alvarado, Lisa Birnbaum, Katie Hartke, Mike Labbadia, Susannah Millonzi, Ryan Quinn, Shaun Taylor-Corbett, Eric Tucker, and Elan Zafir. The production was stage managed by Diane Healy and assistant stage managed by Deanna Kahn.

The production featured Lighting Design by Carolina Ortiz, Set Design by John McDermott, Sound Design by Jane Shaw, Costume Design by Daniele Tyler Mathews, Props Design by Clifton Chadick, Intimacy Direction by Joy DeMichelle, and Production Management by Rebecca Schafer.


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