Video: Bedlam talks with various special guests!

Bedlam Talks

Interviews with special guests about Bedlam programs, productions, and more!


SATURDAY SEPTEMBER 18th, 2021 @2:00PM:

Lena Yasutake, the co-prorpietor of Cassandra’s Closet and member of the JASNA EDI committee


SATURDAY SEPTEMBER 18th, 2021 @7:00PM:

R.B. Bartgis, conservator technician and historical interpreter


SATURDAY SEPTEMBER 25th, 2021 @2:00PM:

Jennifer Abella, journalist and outgoing publicity chair for the Jane Austen Summer Prorgam


SATURDAY SEPTEMBER 25th, 2021 @7:00PM:

Kathleen Flynn, journalist and author of The Jane Austen Project


SUNDAY SEPTEMBER 26th, 2021 @2:00PM:

Amanda-Rae Prescott, journalist, critic, and period drama aficionado


SATURDAY SEPTEMBER 25th, 2021 @2:00PM:

Juliette Wells, Austen scholar and editor of the Penguin Classics annotated 200th-anniversary edition of Persuasion


SATURDAY OCTOBER 2nd, 2021 @7:00PM:

Wendy Jones, Austen scholar and author of Jane on the Brain: Exploring the Science of Social Intelligence with Jane Austen


SUNDAY OCTOBER 3rd, 2021 @7:00PM:

Sayantani DasGupta, professor of narrative medicine and author of the forthcoming Austen retelling Debating Darcy


SATURDAY OCTOBER 9th, 2021 @7:00PM:

Emily Kugler, Austen scholar and author of Sway of the Ottoman Empire on English Identity in the Long Eighteenth Century


FRIDAY OCTOBER 22nd, 2021 @7:00PM:

Janet Saidi, journalist and host of the Austen Connection Podcast


SUNDAY OCTOBER 24th, 2021 @2:00PM:

Georgie Castilla, creator of Duniath Comics and member of the JASNA EDI committee

Bedlam talks with the students of the

veterans acting class

2020 |  47:38 hr

Creative Producer: Violeta Picayo

Hosts: Edmund Lewis, Eric Tucker & Zuzanna Szadkowski (Teaching Artist)

Veteran’s Class members: Alexandra Alena, Edward Damato, Mary Jo McConnell

In this episode of Bedlam Talks, we checked in with some actors from our Veterans Acting Class, as well as recurring Bedlam actor Zuzanna Szadkowski, who currently teaches that class. Bedlam’s Veterans Acting Class meets every Monday, is free of charge and open to all veterans (both actors and non-actors). Now in its seventh year, this class has continued to meet remotely during the pandemic. Here’s a throwback to our conversation from quarantine. 


THE CRUCIBLE by Arthur miller

2020 |  1:10 hr

Creative Producer: Violeta Picayo

Hosts: Edmund Lewis & Eric Tucker (Director)

Featuring: Alan Altschuler (Francis Nurse/Ensemble), Shirine Babb (Tituba, Rebecca Nurse), Rajesh Bose (Giles Corey/Ensemble), Joshua Wolf Coleman (Danforth/Ensemble), Caroline Grogan (Mary Warren/Ensemble), David Keohane (Thomas Putnam/Herrick), Truett Felt (Abigail/Ensemble), Eliza Rose Fichter (Susanna Walcott/Ann Putnam/Sarah Good), Paul Lazar (Danforth), Arash Moktar (Thomas Putnam/Hathorne/Herrick), Stewart Evan Smith (Giles Corey), Dayenne CB Walters (Tituba/Rebecca Nurse/Fancis Nurse), Ryan Quinn (John Proctor), Randolph Curtis Rand (Parris/Ensemble), Zuzanna Szadkowski (Ann Putnam/Mercy Lewis/Sarah Good/Ensemble), Shaun Taylor-Corbett (Cheever/Ensemble), John Faro Terry (Herrick/Danforth), Eric Tucker (Reverend Hale), Karina Wen (Mercy Lewis).

In this episode of Bedlam Talks, we catch up with the cast of Bedlam’s critically acclaimed production of The Crucible. New York and Boston audiences will recognize this team from the show’s original run in the Fall/Winter of 2019. Members of both casts come together to discuss The Crucible, this play’s history, personal experiences building this show, and memories from conversations with our fantastic student audiences!