A FINELY TUNED ENSEMBLE. Jo Lampert is a crooning delight!

Village Voice

Burt Bacharach songs that sound like no Bacharach songs you’ve ever heard.


Eric Tucker, Bedlam’s artistic director and resident wizard, has mounted [New York Animals] with his accustomed flair and resourcefulness…It’s a miracle of frugal ingenuity, the kind of mega-ingenious zero-budget staging that makes you wonder why Broadway even bothers.

Terry Teachout, Wall Street Journal

The sophisticated vibe of the score is amplified by the lead vocalist, Jo Lampert, who has the torchy voice of a blase cafe singer and the doleful visage of a Modigliani painting. Under the savvy musical direction of Debra Barsha, the tight onstage band also gets the urbane message.


The cast members do a fine job of defining their assorted roles with distinguishing tics and punctuation marks, riffing a bit like the amiable jazz musicians with whom they share the stage…The most incisive presence by far is that of Jo Lampert, who sings the lead vocals on the numbers that occur between, and sometimes during, the different scenes. Attired in a series of eclectically extravagant costumes, Ms. Lampert has a matching way with a song that appropriates familiar elements of blues and bebop, heartbroken soul and Broadway pizazz, and turns them into something all her own. She has that aggressive, magpie stylishness that makes a person stand out in a big city.

Ben Brantley, The New York Times

..all of the acting has the playfulness and energy characteristic of the troupe. The company’s goal seems less about bringing forth the reality of a play than about bringing forth the performance of that play: They are your friends, you are their guest, and they are putting on a show for you—that is the feeling one gets watching Bedlam.