• A Theater Company’s Secret to Success: Bedlam


    The New York Times – JULY 13, 2016

    If there is someone to blame for the week in June that Eric Tucker spent shuttling madly up and down Amtrak’s northeast corridor, directing Off Broadway by day, acting in Cambridge, Mass., by night, he is the guilty party. Likewise for those three weeks this spring when he logged 14-hour days in Times Square, rehearsing two productions at once.

    Who put all of that on the calendar at the same time? That would be Mr. Tucker, the artistic director of Bedlam, the four-year-old, New York-based theater company whose adventurously pared-down aesthetic and status as a critical darling has lately placed it in great demand, both at home — where its fleet-footed, much-lauded Jane Austen adaptation “Sense & Sensibility” is enjoying an encore run at the Gym at Judson in Greenwich Village — and elsewhere.


  • Eric Tucker on Reimagining Shakespeare – April 27, 2014

    Working In The Theatre goes behind the curtain with The Pig Iron Theater Company of Philadelphia and the Bedlam Theater Company of NYC to learn how each company creatively reimagines The Bard’s rich and sometimes complicated text. Through movement, music and creative staging, their Shakespeare is compelling, contemporary, and never boring.


  • A Company’s Double, Double Toiling

    The New York Times – November 21, 2013

    Theater economics being what they are, actors have grown accustomed to doubling and even tripling up on roles when performing in large-cast plays.

    But decupling up: playing 10 roles?

    This is the task facing Eric Tucker on the nights when the Bedlam theater company performs George Bernard Shaw’s “Saint Joan” at the Lynn Redgrave Theater in the East Village. Things don’t get much easier for Mr. Tucker when Bedlam’s repertory shifts to “Hamlet.” Then he has the title role and a few others to worry about.


  • Bedlam’s Andrus Nichols and Eric Tucker Are Bringing Lots of Drama to Downtown Audiences — and Inviting Them Into It – December 19, 2013

    Staging two massive plays like Shakespeare’s Hamlet and George Bernard Shaw’s Saint Joan simultaneously might seem crazy, but the insanely talented folks performing them now at the Lynn Redgrave Theatre make it look like a stroke of genius. The company of Bedlam — Andrus Nichols, Eric Tucker, Edmund Lewis, and Tom O’Keefe — plays more than fifty characters and uses innovative staging, minimal props, and boundless energy to make these masterpieces extraordinarily engaging, fast-paced, and often laugh-out-loud funny, all while maintaining the integrity of the plays. TheaterMania met with the company’s founders, Andrus and Eric, at the Black Cat Café on Manhattan’s Lower East Side to get to the root of Bedlam.


  • Bedlam Theatre’s “Hamlet” And “Saint Joan” – January 6, 2014

    Bedlam Theatre in New York City that is currently producing two shows – played in repertory, William Shakespeare’s Hamlet and George Bernard Shaw’s Saint Joan are boldly theatrical, stripped down, immersive productions of classic plays. These two large-cast shows are each played with a company of four – and not only four, but the same four actors in both plays.


  • Saint Joan – February 14, 2014

    Director Eric Tucker and Andrus Nichols talk about the acclaimed Bedlam production of George Bernard Shaw’s “Saint Joan,” at the Lynn Redgrave Theater off-Broadway. Andrus Nichols plays Joan in the play, which is based on the life and trials of Joan of Arc.


  • Saint Joan

    British Theatre Guide

    Andrus Nichols gives a superbly assured and ultimately desperately moving performance as the country maid possessed by a faith that eventually leads to immolation at the stake and (four centuries later) sanctification.



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